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Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
10:20 pm
Holy crap it's LiveJournal!

I broke my phone (again) while I was in Hawaii, and just got a new one. But that means I lost my contacts list. So if you want me to have your number, get that to me somehow.


(My number's the same)

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
7:08 pm
Oh damn this is awesome:

How many Virginia college students does it take to change a light bulb?

William and Mary students: Three, one to change the bulb, and two to crack under the pressure.

Old Dominion students: Four, two to change the bulb, and two to figure out how to get high off the old one.

Mary Washington students: The whole student body, there's nothing better to do on the weekends.

UVA students: One, he just holds the bulb and lets the world revolve around him.

Mary Baldwin students: Four, one to change the light bulb, and three to figure out how it will help them meet their future husband.

Virginia Tech students: Three, one to change the bulb, and two to discuss how they did it just as well as a UVA student.

James Madison students: None, Harrisonburg doesn't have electricity yet.

VCU students: None, downtown Richmond looks better in the dark.

Eastern Mennonite U students: Two, one to hold the candle, and the other to strike the flint.

VMI students : One Rat to actually change the bulb, one upperclassman to yell at him for not doing it fast enough, one to yell at him for not using the proper wattage, and one to send him up to the Rat Disciplinary Committee for letting the bulb burn out in the first place.

U of Richmond students: Two, one to mix the martinis and one to call the electrician.

Hollins College students: None, that's what maids are for.

Longwood students: None, the Farmville Super Wal-Mart has fluorescent lighting.

Hampden Sydney students: Five, one to actually change the light bulb, and four to figure out how this could get some Longwood girls to come over.

Radford students: Just one, but it takes six years

Randolph-Macon students: None, they'll just drink in the dark

Washington and Lee students: Four, one to change the bulb, and three to talk about how great the old one was!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Mason students: Three, if they get lucky and one of them has taken the course at NOVA.

Sweet Briar students: One to change the bulb, and three to call up daddy and cry and complain about how awful the whole experience was.

Christopher Newport Students: 360, 1 to change the bulb and 359 upperclassmen to bitch about how they got screwed over by housing. :)

Liberty University Students: None, God said "let there be light" and all was good, and no one questions Falwell.

So how's everybody's summer going?

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Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
3:41 am

Last final on Wednesday the 3rd. Go home on Saturday the 6th. Week and a half left, I can do this. As much as I've enjoyed this past semester, I'm really looking forward to being temporarily done with classes and having awesome Springfield summer fun for a bit. :)

Oh hello there LJ how are you doing? Fine I hope.

Oh hello there LJ friends, keeping up with LJ things?

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
12:18 am
Damn, I haven't posted anything in just about forever. It's a little past midnight and I'm bored fuckless, so I might as well get a quick update out.

I pretty much hate everything about CNU. I came to this emo realization many weeks ago. When I'm in the room, I don't want to leave. After classes, I don't look forward to returning to the room. And back when we still had the money for weekend road trips, I absolutely DESPISED the thought of returning to campus at all.

I've gotten in trouble too much, and my grades aren't any good either. Which makes no sense, because that's not who I am, and that's not what this school's like. I really want to transfer to JMU next year. For that to to be possible, they're going to need to look at my second semester grades, and those grades are going to have to kick all sorts of ass. I'm planning on e-mailing somebody from JMU admissions over winter break, just to see what's up. All I really know is I'm pretty miserable here, and the only thing getting me through each day is looking forward to being back in Springfield, and shortly after, seeing Sara again.

On a happier note, a goddamn CAR fell into my lap over Thanksgiving break. My grandpa finally realized he really shouldn't be driving, and since they've got two cars, they decided to give the one they were least familiar with to me. I never expected myself to be GIVEN a car, so this was pretty fucking cool. It's an '02 Ford Focus, completely stripped bare, no power windows or locks or anything. But it's got less than 9,000 miles on it, so it's practically brand new. Oh yeah, and it's a CAR!! So I'm happy.

I also found out over Thanksgiving break that I've got a pair of Redskins/Cowboys tickets headed my way (graduation present from the new owner of the Redskins ticket office, a good friend of the family's). Come December 18, Brendon and I will be freezing our asses off for an amazingly awesome cause. I can't believe I've never been to a Redskins game before.

While on the topic of random ramblings, I've been without my own computer for around two months now. Dell's been giving me the runaround on my new one, and it finally arrived today. I'm surprised it came at all, after all the bullshit they've put me through.

I'm hoping to work as much as possible for those five weeks of winter break, since I burnt through most of my checking account this first semester. The thing is, seasonal work is a lot harder to get than I thought. Target's been the only place to respond to an application, and I still haven't been able to schedule an interview with them since they don't call me back.

Over winter break, Brendon's going to be staying with me, from the 10th to the 20th. I can't fucking wait for that, I haven't seen the guy since August. Hopefully we get to tear it up like old times... sometimes I really miss last year.

This post got pretty long. I doubt anybody will read it, seeing as it's been ages since I've put in the time for a real update to begin with. Rambling away my jumbled up thoughts tends to help me feel better though, so hopefully I'll wake up and feel a bit of a catharsis. To whoever may be reading this, I hope you've been doing well, and I apologize for boring you with what could only be even slightly interesting or important to me. Au revoir!

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
12:08 am
FUCK the White Sox. Goddamnit. As a Cubs fan, I've got enough baseball depression in my life as it is. :(

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Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
12:34 am - I'm a cybersucker
Well now. Weird...

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
10:32 am
Turning 19 feels very different from turning 18. You know, not at all exciting.

Ah well, here begins the 14-hour drunkathon!

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
3:37 pm
Fun times at CNU!!!

Thread: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1680476

The "incident," if you will, occured a couple of weeks ago. My roommate Jeff and I were screwing around in the room about 10 some weeknight. We had just rediscovered an airsoft pistol I had tucked away in some bag. Jeff was holding it in his hand, not shooting it or pointing it at anything in particular, just as an RA walked by the open door. She sort of did a double-take, then chirped "SOOOOO not allowed."

Damn. Makes sense though, should've seen it coming. She asked him to unload the thing (wasn't loaded to begin with) and give her the gun and any pellets we had for it, which he did. Then she asked us if we had anything else in the room she should know about, and of course we said no (our bags full of paintball junk were stowed away fairly secretively). She was acting like this was no big deal at all, and being fairly friendly about the whole thing, and for SOME reason I chimed in with "we don't have anything else, but actually that's mine, Jeff was just messing with it."


So she got my name and ID number too, and left with the stuff. We had completely forgotten about the situation within 15 minutes.

A couple of days later, I got a charge notice in my mailbox, informing me I had been charged with a weapons violation and should contact judicial affairs to schedule a hearing. *sigh* I called them and scheduled the appointment, but still didn't expect much more than a slap on the wrist.

Two days ago was my meeting. I met with Katie, the Coordinator of Judicial Affairs, this past Tuesday. She asked me such meaningful questions as "Are you a gun enthusiast? Do you own a gun? Would you consider purchasing a firearm in the future? If so, would you research the model of the firearm, and its power?" ad nauseum, for half an hour. I thought I achieved the perfect balance of honesty and PC bullshit she wanted to hear, and left her office still not anticipating any serious consequences. She was surprisingly amiable throughout the whole discussion.

Today, I found an envelope in my mailbox from Judicial Affairs, marked CONFIDENTIAL. A very thick, forboding envelope. I don't have a camera, but I'll transcribe some of the 3-page letter that was inside.

From our discussion and the related incident report No. 5FA0041, the following is believed to be true:

* You are responsible for violating the University weapons policy.

As a result of your infraction, the following sanctions will apply:

1. You have been placed on disciplinary probation through May 31, 2006. This means that further violations of University policy may lead to the sanction of suspension. A student on such probation may remain at the University only upon the condition that the student comply with regulations and standards of the institution and with such other measures as may be imposed as a condition of the student's probation.
2. You have been placed on deferred suspension from University residential facilities through May 31, 2006. Further violations of University policy may lead to the sanction of suspension from the residence halls. A student on such a deferred sanction may remain in University residential facilities only upon the condition that the student complies with regulations and standards for the institution and with such other measures as may be imposed as a condition of the student's sanction.
3. You must write a reflective paper (refer to the enclosed instruction sheet). Your paper is due no later than Ocotber 14, 2005... blah blah blah.
4. A copy of this letter of censure will be placed in your file.
5. Failure to comply with the above listed sanctions may result in more severe sanctions, including the possibility of suspension from the University.

The above sanctions cannot be appealed unless based on a due process violation or upon receipt of information not available at the time of the Initial Conference...

Here's that enclosed sheet (grammatical nuances and all):

Write a reflective paper responding to the following questions:

1. Research the make and model of the weapon that you fired on campus. Write a description of its power, including velocity of bb, firing range, etc.
2. The guiding mantra of the Office of Judicial Affairs is responsible freedom. Develop an interpretation of responsible freedom and apply this meaning to your actions in the incident.
3. Watch the movie, Bowling For Columbine, by filmmaker Michael Moore. Identify the main theme of the movie. Comment on your thoughts on the film's theme. How do you feel about the film's portrayal of the Columbine incident and its critique of current societal laws regarding gun control? What duties do you feel accompany gun ownership and/or use of a firearm.

The paper must be 10-12 pages in length, double-spaced, and in 12 point Times New Roman font with no larger than 1" margins. Submit your composed paper to... blah blah, blah fucking blah.

Disciplinary probation? Deferred Suspension? 10 page paper? MICHAEL MOORE?!? All for an airsoft gun. That I wasn't even holding, that wasn't even fired.

edit for clarification: Jeff got the same punishment. I'm not really upset with the RA, she was doing her job. I'm mad at myself for being dumb (a little), and with the sort of shit I've got to do now because of it (a lot).

Right now, I think I'm going to deal with their shit. I'll write them a paper, but it's not going to be what they want to hear. Since the part about the make/model/velocity of the airsoft toy is going to be about half a paragraph long, I'll have all SORTS of space to rip apart Bowling for Columbine. God I wish I had better things to do with my free time...

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:04 am
Yeah, I'm bored.

I was halfway expecting some bizarre answer that would seem really strange to me, but I gotta say, this is pretty much right on.

You are a

Social Liberal
(63% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(31% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid

Haha, this was my favorite question:
24. It should be legal for two consenting adults to challenge each other to a duel and fight a Death Match.

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Friday, September 16th, 2005
10:41 am
Whoa, I've completely forgotten about this poor thing!

College is good and stuff. Apparently I have lots of free time, since I do cool things like take Ashley's somewhat normal picture and completely emo-ize it.

Maybe I'll get a real update done at some point.

Oh yeah, does anybody know/remember the pink guy story? Well, the other day I made a massive crazy version of it. 2,502 words of intensity. It's inside the cut, so as not to rape your friends page.

Behold, the story of the pink guy!Collapse )

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
11:30 am
Mom's going crazy, I'm finishing packing, and my dad and brother are completely carefree.

Yep, leaving for CNU today.

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
2:04 pm
I'm bored and this sounds like a cool idea that will give me something to do and something for you to do as well. Yay!

1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.

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Saturday, August 6th, 2005
3:57 am
Holy shit it's been forever since I updated but don't expect a good one right now. IAO was tons and tons of fun and lots of craziness went on and it was great and I loved it and people were awesome and stuff. Brendon's been staying with me this week and goes back home on Sunday so if you wanna see him before he's gone for good you may wanna get on that. I'm having this barbecue post-grad party thing on Sunday and if you're reading this and don't know nothing about that shit call me because you may want to go or something.

I sound like a 12-year old girl on coke. I swear to you, I probably am not. Oh yeah I got my laptop too and I've been leeching wireless internet from a neighbor so I haven't seen my basement in DAYS and it's been too hot to trot. Fuck I gotsta do laundry tomorrow, back to the basement. :(


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Monday, July 25th, 2005
12:46 am
Back from Cali, with lots and lots of pictures! I'd like to spend the time resizing and uploading a bunch of the good ones for the whole world to see, but that's gonna have to wait at least a week. The next two days I need to work my ass off to get ready for IAO in Pennsylvania from Wednesday through Sunday. Then on Sunday Brendon comes back and is staying with me for a little over a week, my random mega-party (which you are all invited to and better come to goddamnit) is on the 7th, then school a week and a half after that.

Wow. I feel like I haven't done anything with my summer, but it's still almost over...

(California was INCREDIBLY AWESOME AND FANTASTICALLY STUPENDOUS, by the way, but I'll save all the explanation for a post with pictures too. Also, meeting LJ friends in real is pretty cool, and Liz rocks for putting up with me for breakfast! Also also, I always manage to be making a stupid goofy face when my picture is taken... I should work on fixing that.)

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Friday, July 15th, 2005
11:58 am
I leave this evening for a week in California... San Francisco for 3 days, Yosemity for 2 days, something else to be determined the last 2 days. I'll be getting back in next Saturday, the 23rd, mid/late-afternoon.

This LJ totally blows (even more than it used to) recently. :(

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Monday, July 11th, 2005
3:09 pm
Livejournal update, AHOY!!

Since I can't actually think of anything to write about myself, I suggest that everybody reading this leaves a comment, and a conversation of sorts can be started up and then maybe I'll have something to write about.

If you don't, I probably won't punch your face in, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
4:44 pm
Tomorrow I leave with Brendon for Georgia. The Deltoros are moving, I'm just visiting. I fly back on Wednesday, July 6, but before then I expect a great number of angry, mean, spiteful comments and phone calls. Or else nice ones, that works too.

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Friday, June 24th, 2005
5:28 pm
Yet another attempt at cyber-whorrific villainy. This time college-themed!

Facebook me!

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
11:01 pm
Graduation: successful. I am FUCKING DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!! :D

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
10:34 am
Prom's tonight, and I still don't know what the fuck I'm doing afterwards. *bites nails*

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